Steppe 1 Cover
Winter 2006 | Issue 1

In Issue 1…Step back in time to the colour photographs of the Bukharan Emirate at the dawn of the twentieth century. This spectacular set of photographs, over 24 pages, are the result of early photographic experimentation by the Russian photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii. Look around in the Arasan Baths in Kazakhstan, in which our first ever photo shoot for the magazine saw the photographer warming up his camera in his oven and stripping down to his underpants before braving the soaring temperatures of the Russian banya. Central Asia’s mountains have defined it both geologically and historically; Mike Searle gives a rundown on what happened when. And check out our Steppe Guide to skiing. When the alps don’t deliver, why not head east?


Click here to see Issue 1 contents in full, plus get a sneak preview of some of the articles below.


Steppe 2 Cover